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This is such a long overdue post and seeing that it has been months, yes, I totally slack off. Work took over me until I had plenty of anxiety episodes. But I am currently learning to deal with it, which I will talk about it in another post.

My dear friend Thara gifted me this scarf, which I can't thank her enough. I never sway into buying softer fabrics, just because I feel like most light fabrics, exposes the shape of my huge head too much for my liking. I know, silly. But I can't help it, and I definitely do not want to wear something I am not comfortable with.

Look at how it is packaged! Goodness me, these brands really put a lot of effort to have that luxurious feel. It sure works! I sorta felt like I did not deserve the scarf whilst I was opening it, to be honest. Haha.

It retails for RM299. Comes in a sturdy black box with style cards and lovely notes to accompany the product. 

I received mine in Purple Rain, which is a beautiful purple abstract print made from 100% pure silk. Can you imagine how careful I was to pin the scarf to my inner? 

I find it super light and has good breathability, beautiful draping and flow. All this, without being too slippery, which can bug the hell out of me. True test, wore this during my pop up at Murfest event, and to my surprise, it stayed in shape throughout the day!

Pleasantly happy with this scarf. Although, I might have to save this beautiful gem for special days!

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