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For new years eve, our family decided to bring my dad to Bentong, Pahang. The trip was a sudden idea which resulted in almost every place booked already. We had two places available for just a night. So, we booked a night at Eight Acres and one night at Casabrina.

Eight Acres was so lovely! Our rooms reminded me so much of my late Tok Bon's place. There, you can find a waterfall with you know those lil fishes or famously known as "fish spa" fishes in there.

We swam, learn how to catch fishes, pony riding, water paddling, and did a garden guide walk. The host was super attentive and nice. We also ended up with a basket of passionfruit from their garden! I could not recommend enough.

The next day, we head over to Casabrina, which apparently is a 5 star or 6 star luxury villa accommodation. Casabrina is definitely relaxing, at the villa itself, there is an infinity pool. All other activities are outside, a short ride from the villa and can be arranged by the staff.

I have to be honest here, the interior and exterior is really nice. But I would say that is just about it. The room is so dusty. You can tell they did not bother to move furnitures or sweep under the bed. The front house staff was not welcoming at all. When we arrived, literally just stared at us, as we were dragging and carrying all our luggages. Yes we are able to do so ourselves, but for heavens sake, where is the courtesy and customer service? We had to ask them every single thing, like getting our rooms etc because they could not bother at all. All the staff looked bored to death the whole time we were there.

Lastly, both my sister and I ended up with bed bug bites from Casabrina! Yay (sense the tone) !

Overall, I enjoyed my Pahang trip, a trip with family is never enough. To more of these in 2017!


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