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My favourite thing to do when there is nothing on television, is to Youtube binge. Aside from watching make up tutorials and vegan drama (it is addictive.. that vegan cheetah!), I love watching comedy sketches. Sometimes, on repeat!

Here are three channels/playlists you need to binge on:

1. Key & Peel on Comedy Central

One of my favourite sketches from there. Honestly, I can hit repeat on this video and still laugh. Their expressions are priceless! 

2. Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central

Personally, I find her newer videos not as funny as her old ones, but there are plenty of sketches to brighten up your day. Like the one down below, Tig should have her own show. She's natural!

3. Community Channel

Of course, if you are looking into ordinary everyday issues, then Natalie is for you. I have too many favourites from her, just because I can all relate to all of it. Here is one situation which I find myself getting stuck into quite often


If you do not end up laughing from any of these channels, then I guess..we just can't be friends. I'm just kidding..but really no, we can't


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