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Following from my previous days in Tokyo, I was really knackered ( I will explain why later in this post). Today is second last day, I was super excited to see the skyline from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory.

Day 5:

Head my way to Shinjinku at Tocho-mae station and guess what?! It was closed! Silly old me got one thing wrong in the itinerary. Bah ham bug! I was so disappointed, I got really depressed as I waited for this day to take really nice shots and just breathe it all in. 

Sadden by my mistake, I head on over across the building to Shinjinku Central Park. I did not take photos at all, just sat and did some people watching.

After some relaxing time at the park, I made my way to Odaiba! Heard great things about this place. I disembarked from Shibaura Futo Station and walked to the entrance of the rainbow bridge. Of course, it was day time, so no rainbow there. I do not mind at all, because it is so bright and sunny. You can see everything so clearly!

I took the lift up to south entrance if I am not mistaken and slowly walked across the bridge. Do note, you are literally walking beside the highway with all cars, and lorries driving fast. It makes for a great breeze though. Haha. 

Across the bridge, is the beach. Lot of families there just chilling. I sat down, took some pictures, even had a face time call from my friend back home. Sat here for hours. I did have in my plan to walk around Odaiba to Divercity Tokyo Plaza and Palette Town. But, I did not. I decided to walk back along the North entrance to catch the North side of views, which again was spectacular. 

To be honest, I am quite impressed that I managed to walk across the bridge twice. Giving all the pain I had all over. 

Then I head back to Shimokitazawa. Yes, obsessed with that place and because I need to stop over to On the way cupcake coffee. That corner is too darn cute. I was given a free blend of their coffee too!

Day 6:

My last day in Tokyo! Well, departing in the evening so I had a whole day to relax. Before arriving in Tokyo, I wanted to use this day to walk around Nakano. Taturo however, was so nice, he wanted to bring me around. He asked me where he should bring me. I suggested museum. So he took me over to the royal's guest house museum.

Before that though, we had lunch over in Shibuya at my first and last Ramen stop. It was delicious! Funny though, Taturo asked me what I thought about the meal. Told him it was so good, better than any ramen in KL. He on the other hand, said the halal ramen did not taste that nice. Hahaha. Oh well, to each its own.

Taturo is such a character. He told me so many stories and jokes, we even talked for hours at the coffee place at the museum. The museum is really big and nice, so well maintained. Again, photos are not allowed here but you can take photos at the cafe and at the park. 

We talked for so long not realising that we have passed 5'oclock. Clearly, I was already late to get to the airport. We rushed back home, I packed my bags and made my way to the airport. Did my last minute shopping of snacks there. 

All in all, Tokyo was great. People were so nice there. I only had one encounter with a meanie that pushed my hand when I asked for help and a drunken dude that was bothering people during my train ride at night. 

If you are planning to go to Tokyo, one week is not enough. I suggest a month. Yes, a month. The place is so vast and lots of walking needed, that I feel you kind of need some easy-going days in between your super exploring days too. Do not squash two places in one day, it will not be enough to cover a place within half of your day.

I went on this trip to really get away from it all, which I did. Did a lot of thinking, about relationships, family and work. Being alone in a foreign country where English is not widely spoken is really well lonely. But I needed that... I needed to detach from everything to sort myself out to become a better rejuvenated person once home.

Although, I do miss Tokyo already. Maybe Kyoto next?


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