9:00 AM


This is what I think is going through your head:

You guys: Millie, the point of a food blog post, is to make us crave and want to make what you just made. 

Me: It does not?

You guys: Honestly, these photos suck. You could at least arrange it nicely in that bowl.

Me: I was hungry. When you are hungry, you just eat, girl! Ain't nobody got that for time.

It was true though. I was in the midst of baking. Super hungry. No one was home and I had to whip up something quick before returning to my baking kitchen to bake.


So, I did what I know is super quick. Boiled some millet noodles, which by the way best plant based noodle ever! I had a taste of quinoa and spinach noodle already. Amongst all, millet tops the chart with quinoa being the last. Spinach noodle is also cheap!

Anyway, I then cooked it on the hob with a tomato mushroom sauce that I bought from the store. Added some japanese cucumber ( favourite!) and tofu and lots of cayenne pepper. 

Wallah! Lunch is served!!!

If it is good enough for my bae Ryan here, it is good enough for you. *wink


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