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Well, hello again! If you have not read the first part to My Week In Tokyo series, you may do so here.

Day 3:

Disney Sea was not part of the plan, I kind of bought the tickets quite late, maybe a week before I left for Tokyo. After doing research online, Disney Sea clearly had more thrilling rides. I am pretty sure everyone is going to be like "Disney Sea, alone? "

Yes people, alone in Disney Sea.  I am cool with that. Moving on.

Tip 1: Purchase E-ticket. Print and save on extra charges on delivery and queue time.
Tip 2: Go super early, at least 1 hour plus before opening time, yes even if you have the ticket in hand. There will still be a queue. Much shorter but still long. Get it? Get it?
Tip 3: Get the Fast Pass tickets to rides and shows you would like to get on or see. When you get a Fast pass ticket, it will show you the time you are able to take another FP ticket on another ride. Therefore in between your first ride and the time to get your second FP ticket, queue on a different ride.
Tip 4: If you go during the summer, which I did, water is essential! 
Tip 5: Be prepared. Rides without FP tickets will definitely have you standing for hours!!!!!!! 
Tip 6: Get plenty of breaks and rests in between all the rides
Tip 7: Bring snacks. Queue at food hall is troublesome, so although bringing a bag along with food is bothersome as well, at some point during your day, queueing for food is worst. 

Happy to say, I manage to ride all the rides I wanted. I wanted to stay for the Magic Carpet show and the Fantasmic show so bad. I was only 2 hours away from it but unfortunately, following my previous day of a lot of walking, back pain and bleeding ankle, I could not stand any longer. My knees were literally shaking, I was so fatigue. I honestly felt a little bit ashamed of myself because I was that tired! I kept replaying my situation again and again in my head, "This is your only time here, make the best out of it..stay strong and wait..but if you do wait for the closing show, there will be more waiting and standing in the train going back with everyone from Disney Sea and Disney Land" ... " but you should take a break, go home now before rush hour, get proper rest for tomorrow's... "

I did wait for a bit longer, but knowing it will take me more than an hour to get back home, I got up and walked slowly to the exit and made my way back.  (sobs!!!!!!)

Out of all the rides, I thoroughly enjoyed Tower of Terror. My first ride on TOT was with my sister and my mom in the US. It was quite nostalgic getting to ride on it again. 

Ah, do note though, all the rides are quite short (after all that waiting and standing). The thrilling part always happen once and towards the end of the ride, which is why I love Tower of Terror, because it was thrilling throughout. 

Disney Sea was great! I loved every place I went. I loved the Mermaid's Lagoon and Aladdin's place the most! It was so beautiful, I kid you not.

Day 4:

My boyfriend loves Hayao Miyazaki's films. If we have nothing exciting to do outside, we will watch the films on our laptop at home. I love their films too, although I am not a fanatic. I thought since I was in Tokyo, I might go to the museum as well for him.

Ghibli museum is located in Mitaka. Loveliest town ever!!!! It is super cute, quaint, so chill. I only spent half a day here, but I fell in love already.

This whole time, I do stick out like a sore thumb because I hardly see any tourists. But when I was at Ghibli, there were tons and I was fortunate enough to make a friend there, who was a HUGE fan! He actually came to Tokyo again just for this as he could not get a ticket the last time he was here. Which brings me to:

Tip 1: Purchase the ticket online, a month before! It will get sold out within minutes. If you are staying via Airbnb or any other types of homestay, get your hosts to help you buy the ticket. (Taturo, you are the best!)
Tip 2: No photography allowed. So do watch out for my photos below to spot the photography areas you are allowed to do so.
Tip 3: Arrive at least 30-45 minutes before opening times. I came an hour earlier and was the first to enter. Do not worry if you do arrive early, there is a nice park just behind the museum. Spend your hour there!
Tip 4: Souvenir here is expensive. If you are a huge fan, do bring your credit card!

Ghibli Museum was great! When you enter the place, everything is so whimsical. It starts off with a short film you won't see anywhere else but here, then you can slowly walk around the building into different rooms that shows you his work. Even if you are not into animation or filming, you will enjoy the museum. It is very interactive. Honestly, this trip was more special thanks to the company I had. He is in a production background, so he literally explained everything to me and made me understood the whole process of animation.

From Ghibli Museum, we walked slowly back to the train station. There was a lovely Sculpture Park that was unfortunately closed at the time we were there and a zoo nearby you could visit.

By the way, Japan's soft serve is sooooo goood! Sorry KL. Not even halfway there ( I still love you though).


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