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Firstly, I have to give thanks to the lovely Niomi Smart whom inspired me to take this step. Although, it was not the initial reason why I wanted to do this.

Since turning 25, more apparent since turning 26 last year, my body has been telling me to wake up and do something about it. I suffer from fatigue fast, I feel lethargic and I had moments of cold sweat, near fainting episodes. I partly blame stress, but I am sure when your body is not at its best, it affects as well.

So, last Sunday was my first day of eating plant based food. Now what's the difference between plant based and vegan? Plant based is basically eating anything that derives from the original plant form, which means yes, no meat. Vegan as well of course but more than that, it revolves around politics, fashion you name it.

However, for someone who rarely eats vege, nut etc, I can not quit just like that. I made plan to just have a cheat day each week, to slowly adjust, in hopes I can quit and continue this healthy lifestyle.

The recipes that I have been doing came from an app I purchased called Deliciously Ella, funny enough on the same day I went to KLCC, I stumbled upon her book at Kinokuniya.

Niomi Smart just announced she is releasing her book called " EAT SMART " in September, so I will definitely get it then or pre-order it.

Have you tried a plant based diet?

Banana Oatmeal 

Spiced almonds for snack

Pumpkin, spinach and quinoa


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