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Well, it has been awhile.  Since my workplace is at home and my errands are usually nearby home, I hardly put on any make up. Even if I do go out with my partner, he prefers the " no make up " look or no make up at all. 

So the only time I put on makeup is when I have an outing with my family outside either for lunch or dinner. Itu pun, tak tebal or fancy.

Anyway, it was actually my first time wearing out fake eyelashes. I usually test it out in the room and that is about it really.

This pair was a dream. Super light, it did not even bother me and I wore it the whole day! It was the most natural pair I believe out of the rest of the eyelashes I saw. You can purchase yours at Instagram @glamorousbella . And since finding out that Chanel Lumiere Powder broke me out, I have been doing my make up without setting my make up with powder. Even with oily skin, I somehow feel like I can live without it. Throughout the day, I just blot away and my make up wears out beautifully without being such a mess.

Check out the eyelashes below and p/s: been loving the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation although I miss my Smashbox BB cream! and I do not intend to thread my eyebrows anytime soon. xx


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