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Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Every year, during this festive season, we would drive up to Ipoh as my sister in law originated from there. There was not any traffic what so ever during our drive to Ipoh, thank goodness. My brother booked a hotel from us, Weil hotel just next to Ipoh Parade Mall. I love the hotel!!! Not because of the super grand look, but because of the customer service and maybe because... I can just walk to the mall? 

We were only staying there for a night. So after dropping our bags, we head on to Aunty and Uncle's house where Aunty literally stuffed me with all the food. Cakes, crackers, dessert soup? (I honestly forgot the name of it), winter melon and more. And then we just played with the kids.

Ipoh is also a coffee town. Each time I'm in Ipoh, I would make my brother bring me to a new coffee spot. I always feel Ipoh's coffee spots are somehow quaint and never intimidating. I love that feeling. Although I do not drink coffee, I am a tea and dessert person.

We drove to this new place, a house with huge flowers at the entrance. A corner lot house. But it was packed. The whole street lined up with cars. So in the end, we decided to just walk around the Porcupine Lane and through Plan B. After a nice walk, taking pictures under the hot sun. We let ourself cool in the pool.

That night, we had a fancy CNY dinner at the hotel. Some Yee Sang and good delicious chinese food.  The duck, omg I love. Ate a lot of duck. That crispy salty skin. 

A perfect ending to a good one day celebration in Ipoh! Can't wait to be back and next time, I am requesting for more exploring day outs!


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