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I feel throughout these few years, I have watched truly remarkable films or shows that have left me full of emotions; intrigued, motivated, sad, you name it. Below are some work I could watch over and over again and still feel the same emotions when I first saw them. I am not some movie expert to go over details of cinematography or how a film compares to the literature, I just watch, listen and feel. I love movies that makes you feel something, makes you wonder and re-evaluate your life as soon as you leave the cinema.

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The Theory of Everything: It is amazing to watch different kind of loves in this film and how it can change throughout the years. Seeing how love grows and fades is truly sad. That is the reality but nonetheless beautiful. 
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Whiplash: This movie took back to why I love music and took lessons to begin with. Brilliant performances for the main actors and I left completely floored. I could also play the soundtrack over and over again.
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Interstellar: My favourite quote in this movie is "That Nature can be mysterious and frightening but never evil,the only evil is the one we bring along."  Aside from the frightening yet beautiful nature you see in this film that is beyond my imagination really, the relationship of father and daughter left me in tears. I have watched this movie a couple of times already, and each time, shamefully in tears. 
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In The Heart Of The Sea: A lot of people hated this movie. I read the book but I went in the cinema with an open mind. I love it to be honest. I am drawn to the whale. It is mysterious yet it played such a terrifying creature. Which only so, to avoid the men from their wrongdoings. Watch the film from the whale's point of view. Nature is not something to play around with. 
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The Revenant: Ok, so what did I learn from this gory movie you say? How to freaking survive! And how people can change in desperation and in need. How us humans can be such animals. Can they give oscars to all actors in this movie? Can they? 
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Joy: This movie is literally how I feel when I started BakedKL. The only difference is that she obviously made it and I am still at the bottom. I feel like I am half of Joy and I should be Joy and hustle even more to make it to the top. Not because I am chasing money for the sake of money, but for my family, because if you have an idea and you think you can change the world with it, then you should be proud, work on it and show what you are capable of. Joy, I need to be you. 
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Making a murderer: I love watching documentaries. This series is filmed over a 10-year period. There. Just that. The first 'Why' you should start watching it. Do not worry, you are not far behind. It is only at its first season. Watching real-life documentaries, always have me thinking about how twisted, cruel the world is. Sometimes, the ugly truth is what you need. Corruption in the law enforcement is a one of it.

There are many other movies I have enjoyed for example Boyhood. But if that is the case, you will be reading a never ending post. If you have not watched any of them, then please do. Let me know what you think. I believe I did not spoil any plot for the movies but just shared how I feel watching them. 

Have fun being a couch potato!


  1. I just realised how similar our taste in movies are. Except the gory ones u love as yr guilty pleasures.



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