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I read this book called Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom.  It is seriously good. This is not a fiction novel. This book is an insight of how companies tapped into your subconscious minds, using tricks to get us to buy or hooked on to a certain brand.

I mean, I study marketing so I guess I should know all of these but I am a consumer as well and sometimes I just don't realise why I need to buy such things. Honestly, after reading this book, I always think twice before making a purchase. 

In one of the chapters, he mentioned he actually tried brand detox for a few months. He did not buy any brands at all within the time period and just reuse all the things he already has. No purchases of clothing, or buying food or drinks at big chains such as McDonalds or Starbucks. He even went to the extreme of not buying Colgate, but he was lucky due to the nature of his job, he could use the free amenities in the hotel. Halfway through his journey, he admitted that it is definitely hard to avoid buying brands.

I was so inspired by his experimentation. And truly, how do you value your life? How much is enough? Do I need all these things in my life? Of course, we can not just put a full stop on buying brands. Let's be realistic. But it definitely puts my life into a different perspective.

The conclusion to my very long intro is, as of January 2016, I am on brand detox for 6 months. Yes, I have to admit I am stretching myself too far. I might just fall back within the second month. But there is this tiny feeling I could last.

I would not go to the extent of not buying toothpaste, so here are items I will not be purchasing:

Clothing, shoes etc.
Food & Beverage from chains (i.e. Starbucks etc)

p/s: I may not be buying brands but I can definitely receive them from other people. *wink 

To a minimalist money saving 6 months! Wish me luck, I need it!


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