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So my cousin's wedding last Sunday happened the same week I was bombarded with BakedKL orders. I was supposedly allocated as the usher, but quickly became one of the bridesmaids! Honoured but I was a bad one to be honest. Not only was I useless to helping out since work was constantly in my mind, I was also too tired to bring out my outgoing self.

Nonetheless, it was a good celebration, good food and a good escape from work. Now ok, outfit, yes, the outfit.

The skirt was given by the bride herself and we were required to get a white top to complete the assemble. My wardrobe used to be all black and white, but it is so difficult to find black or white tops for the new hijabi me. 

As I had no time at all to go out and shop for it, Zalora was my obvious answer and since I remembered getting 3 tops from there which were mostly black and white, I knew I could get it from there. The rest, were items that I already owned and Walah!

Scarves: Sharmilascarves ig: Sharmilascarves
Top: Ethnic Chic, Zalora

Necklace: Thrift

Bag: Tory Burch

I love the white top and skirt! The only thing I fear is how hot it will be if I wear this top on a casual day because I would need to wear an inner with it. *cries

Shop for this top at Zalora and use my voucher code ZBAPQAWU

Til then, lots of love!


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