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October is a busy month for me. Not only it is my birthday month, but it is also my mom's and my sis-in-law's birthday. This year, I have been so blessed with so many outings celebrating me. Had family lunch over at Two Sons, Publika, which by the way was great! The only thing that threw me off was that my beef skewer dish only had 3 skewers with lots of fries for RM30++. The beef was soft and good but I still couldn't justify 3 skewers for that price. But that's a minor thing.

My dearest partner took me out to buy my birthday present, lunch, movie and then dinner. What's better than a day of just chilling out and of course, food ?!

My bad gals on the other hand took me out for brunch and tea time. From Fahrenheit 600 to Mandarin Oriental. I was spoiled! Bless the stars for sending me such fabulous girls. 

I'm having a few more birthday outings with other close friends of mine. And I can't wait to catch up and let loose! After all, birthdays are only once a year!


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