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Just so you know, all my life, I've never celebrated new year or Merdeka day with friends. Never. Which is actually fine but not having the option to celebrate with friends is annoying.

When I was younger, my parents didn't let me out to celebrate. Their excuse: " It's gona be very jam mila!...bahaya nanti banyak mat rempit...nanti you guys main mercun kena nanti bahaya "

Now that I am old grown up, it's more of a " mila new years eve kat umah etc..bbq. " (with a "you better not have plans" face and tone of voice)

Trust me, if I say.." mom, i've got plans "

Brace yourself for the ultimate I'm so disappointed in you face.

I hate that face. A lot.

I would really like to have them trust me to know that I can juggle spending time with family and friends but no matter how 'homey' I am, having just one plan in a whole week is too much especially for my dearest mother.

Nevertheless, bbq at my brothers house went well. It's their new place, very cozy. It was basically a pot luck dinner, so I brought some shepherds pie to add in the feast.

Ate. Dance. Laugh.

It was yet another chilling bbq new years eve dinner.

Maybe I have to wait til I'm married to have a change of New Years Eve plans. Enjoy the photos!


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