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Finally, the moment we all been waiting for the public blog post and the reveal of my new love and hopefully last (just because I'm getting old and can't even get my arse off the bed)



I know, you're not interested. But I'm still gona write a long post about him anyway. I had a plan, a plan I thought about for months. I know, how complicated can a birthday celebration be? 

It turns out to be a very complicated one.

My initial plan: Brunch, movie, evening picnic.

( it was the rainy season)

My new plan: Planetarium, lunch, movie, dinner

I swear I checked the opening times. But I had a feeling the night before, I should just double check... CLOSED on MONDAY.

What the. I even took a screen shot of the opening times. They changed it. This is the problem when you plan way in advance.

To add to this mess, I lost my IC. Told my sister to check because I was sure it was with her. But she said no. Didn't want to get my parents all hoo-haa about it, I applied for a new IC online and pick ups day was basically the day of his birthday, tomorrow at Putrajaya.

My plan B: Picnic at Putrajaya, movie, dinner

(damnit..i forgot it was the rainy season)

So in the end....it was just a movie and dinner. And to top it all off, 4 days later, my sister called me asking me why is my IC with her?

I know, can someone please throw a shoe at her?

Although it was just like every date we went, it somehow still feels special. I was still frustrated that it didn't go as how I wanted it to be. I really wanted to show him how much I love him. But I'm glad at the end of the day, he appreciated everything and felt so loved and pampered. I slept with joy that night.

This man wasn't love at first sight, it was not and we are not a fairy tale love story.

But he is what I needed at that time, now and forever. He fills that gap that I need to become a better person.

We are both struggling with each others flaws. We fall down and we both get up again. Countless times, even now. But the great thing bout it, is that we can always talk about it.

What I had before and I don't want to compare because it was different back then but it was more of a cover up, feelings that just got brushed off, deflected. 

With him, we talked about the people that we aspire to be. What we lack, what we are good at. And when I'm with him, I feel so good about myself. I don't feel insecure. 

Dear you, you might not have all the fabulous things that surrounds you. But you are the most hardworking, sensitive, compassionate, intelligent and caring man I know that has able to open my mind, my eyes and my heart. You are the wealthiest man.

Happy Birthday.


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