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This trip was a few months back. My brother generously brought all of us to Phuket to celebrate my sis-in-law's birthday and since we have not been on a family trip for so long, it was a great occasion to do so.

I have only been to Phuket once when I was little, and did not quite fancy the place because all I could remember was swimming in pools and walking around looking at tourists' hair being braided. 

This time, well, couldn't bothered to buy myself some all covered up swimming suit because hell it is expensive. So, books are a must!

Usually when I travel, I like to be invest my time in that place, learn things, get to know the culture. But with family trips, it is kinda hard to do that especially when you have two nephews with you. 

However, my brother had everything planned out and left Friday for us to plan our own things. So I managed to book us a package tour that includes rafting, elephant tour, flying fox and a cave visit. Unfortunately, the night before, my dad got a call about Toki in the hospital.

He booked the next flight back home. The next morning, we received the news of Toki's passing. My mom cried. It was the morning of our tour, I couldn't just leave her. Even if she didn't mind, she's going to be by herself, without my dad around, it just doesn't seem right. So we called the travel agent and cancelled our tour.

The trip did end on a sad note, nevertheless we had a good time being in each others company and the birthday dinner went well!

Enjoy the photos, til next time!


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