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I can't wait for my trip to Bangkok next week. It has been too long. I honestly can't count how many times I have been to Bangkok or Thailand for that matter. It is usually my 'shopping for the whole year' trip and below are my wish list! 

 1. Creepers. I used to hate them. I hate the look of creepers but when I see them on people on the streets..it looks fab and it is growing on me. I might need a pair but not sure if I actually look good on them. 
2. Oversized shirts. Need them. Got to have more of them. I could get for just 10 bucks each. Bundle time!
3. Pleated skirts. I hate how pleated skirts sold here are cut in a non flattering way and it makes you look so heavy at the bottom. Finding the right cut in Bangkok wouldn't be a problem.
4. Statement necklaces and earrings. I used to wear earrings when I was in high school and just stopped because I cared less about accessories and more on make up. Now, that I'm in the accessorising phase again, time to stock up!
5. Roasted coconut. Homai. If you love coconut drink, roasted coconut drink is just better. I know, it is just roasted. How much difference can it make? Really? AMAZING. I'm going to get wasted on roasted coconut, for sure!


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