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Every year, my dad's company does an overseas trip for the employees. Last year, because I just finished uni, I was able to tag along to Istanbul. This year, when my dad informed me the trip will be in India, there's no way I am sitting home alone.

Our India trip was 6 days 5 nights, wondering the cities of New Delhi and the birth place of Taj Mahal, Agra. Hearing stories from my dear friend about Jaipur and not having it in the itinerary, I guess I would have to come back again to explore other cities. More reasons to shop!

New Delhi was a city like every other city in the world. Being a frequent traveler, the dusty air in India was not bothersome. What was bothersome or actually rather frightening, is the traffic. From one place to another, it took us one hour minimum to get there. The drivers drove like crazy. Of course, it is a norm there, but I was just scared for my dear life. 

First stop was the prime minister's headquarters. There was security guards everywhere and we were only able to take a look from a far distance. Shame. After visiting few monuments, we visited Mahatma Ghandi's tomb. Tons of students were there when we were visiting and it was so adorable of them wanting to take pictures with us. Wait...let me rephrase that..we were the ones who wanted to take pictures with them! Haha

On our way to the market, spotted some slums in the city. Passed by a few smaller markets, where people were selling car parts. Apparently, according to the tourist guide, if you leave your car at dodgy places, don't be surprise if it goes missing after one hour, and you might just find the parts at the market. Haha.

I love markets. I was on a jewellery craze! They were crazy cheap and pretty. I was overwhelmed but because it was the first day and we had to leave in an hour ( I know, one hour shopping time? What were they thinking? ) , I only bought a few things for myself and some small souvenirs for friends and family.

Enjoy the photos below while waiting for my second part of New Delhi!

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