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I like to think that I'm still the same person now as I am in high school just growing and learning new things about myself at the same time. What I have found out over the years, is that whenever I am stressed out, instead of binging ( lose of appetite would be great actually ), I head over to the shops, spending my savings away.

It is such a bad habit! I really do need help, no kid. I remember last time when I was in the UK, stressing over my thesis submission, my lovely housemate and I went to the salon, had a 40 quid haircut and then continue attacking high street stores. Now 40 quid to you guys might not be a lot, but it is equivalent to RM200 where I live. 

I went through many crazy days like that but since working, I think the guiltiness is amplified because you automatically keep count of the money that you earn and you feel the pinch in every spending.

This time, going through the stress for Sneakapeekonline.net, the fact that my camera lens decided to break into pieces (literally) didn't help my urge to spend. 

My new Tamron lens. I'm happy though. Don't think I can live without my camera and now my pictures are better than ever.
Ashley Madakwe is to blame obviously. A concealed wedge sneaker was in my wishlist for ages and finally sitting on my shoe rack looking delicious!

My Topshop acid wash jeggings had a big hole underneath and I don't have more than 3 pairs of jeans. I got a similar one (thinner material) from Topshop and I'm completely sold! Might need to get a black one.

So you see, I am urging you to help me break this habit! I am happy with all my purchases but the guilt, dear god is definitely hard to rinse out of me.

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