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It's been a long time. I've been trying to do this post since the first pet peeve video on Youtube. Yes, that's how long I wanted to do it. A century.

So here goes, drumroll please ** .

1. People who read or say things in their mind out loud.
2. People who quietly stare and sneak at what you are surfing at your laptop
3. People who cut queues with straight faces
4. Even more annoying, old people who cut queues and you can't say anything because they are old. And secretly, they know it too.
5. People who answers your question back with a question
6. People who are always late and never keep you up to date on being late.
7. People who keep saying they are tired but wasn't doing anything at all the whole day.
8. When something I have loved for a long time becomes popular.
9. People who are persistent.
10. People who say "Keep in touch" but really never.
11. People who must go everywhere with their posse. Insecure much? 
12. People who don't shower...especially in the winter.
13. People who don't look at you while they are talking.
14. People who put their feet up on the cinema seats inf ront of them.
15. When sales assistants follow you everywhere in the shop.
16. Eating something while watching tv and having difficulty hearing the conversations.
17. People who say " It's ok, everyone's doing it " to every bad thing they did.
18. People who brag about parties and their so called social life. Not impressed. Never will.
19. When companies say they will call you back or email you within 4 hours but never do. At all.
20. When people put dirty dishes in the sink. 
21. Hot pants on men
22. Skinnies on men
23. People who make conversations to me on the plane.
24. People who whistle
25. People who shout the lyrics out at concerts.
26. People who don't have sense of humour on random conversations.
27. Shops that close 10 minutes before they were supposed to close.
28. The fact that the restaurant kitchen closes way earlier than the restaurant. I just don't get it.
29. Wet public toilets. 
30. When disorganized people say they are organize. 

I really could go on but this might bore you already. If you have a pet peeve you want to share, hit it down below! Til next time.

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  1. Lol I can't even begin to list down mine, just too many. And oops, I used to do no. 14 actually hehe, promise tak buat dah!

    I don't like people who chews open-mouthed, sings off-tempo, never returns things they borrowed bla bla. Lagi, if my parents tak tutup pintu after leaving my room! Ughhh. And yep, sales assistant yang breathe down your neck sebab dia takut sangat barang dia kena curi.

  2. hahaha no 14 doesn't really really bug me that MUCH unless they do that with their shoes off! haha.

    ooo yes! ppl tak tutup pintu after leaving the room! BETUL!!! haha



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