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593 friends

Do I really have 593 friends? No.
Do I have 593 Facebook friends? Yes.
How many good friends do I really have? 15.

The truth. 15 is a number I am not ashamed of. 15 great friendships that I know I can count on. I have them in my priority list and I know I'm in theirs. Quality over quantity. What good can come from keeping toxic friends anyway right?

So what kind of friends do I have for the rest of my 578 FB friends? Here's the breakdown of types of friends I have based on my experiences with them:

BOOTY-CALL Friends who call you only when they need you. To be fair, at least they are not faking it.

FIRST BASE You meet them for the first time, you receive a friend request. Approve thinking 'yeah we'll hang out soon' and then never see them ever again and thinking they have you on FB to just stalk you. 

PARTY HOPPER Friends who jump around crowds of friends. Those who never stick around because they are always searching for the right crowd that defines who they are at that certain moment.

PEEKABOO Friends who decides to hang out with you only because no one else is free to hang out with them. When the right moment comes, they ditch you. 

VACANT Friends who are only friends that you have fun with but are the most difficult people to have conversations, in basically anything.

FRENEMY We all know what this means. We know, they know and yet we still pretend, believing it is alright and healthy.

HAWKERS Friends who brag or seek attention way too much that it is humanely impossible to take in. I'm not impressed.

PEACOCKS Friends who only hang out with you for the purpose of showing off to their group of friends. That well, they have a lot of friends. Do you see them often after that? No. What do you call them in other words? ASSHOLES.

CIRCLES Friends who are just friends inside the circle. School, work etc. Are we really friends outside those areas? Not really.

I am sure I'm in one of those categories for you. But my point is, why do we still keep those who either take away our happiness or do not even give any impact in our life? Why is it hard for us to let go? Insecurities?

To be honest, I can't tolerate any more shit from friends whom I thought I can count on, those who I have invested emotionally, and the time I have spent picking up their messy pieces. 

I take my friendships seriously. I'm always honest, I keep in touch, I always do my best to make time for all my friends and love them dearly. But it's hard to be the only one who's doing the job.

I think it's time I prioritize and spring clean my facebook friends. It would definitely make me a happier person. This is a very frank post, for I am a honest person to begin with, you should know...well that's if you are really my friend.

Hope you had a better day than I did! 



  1. haha thats sooo true :D lol


  2. you're always be mine until dunia akhirat, bibi! xx

  3. miss penelope: yupp...the ugly sad truth. haha

    sara: til the end of time!!! xx

  4. 15? It's already a big number according to me. I'd say I only have 6 or 8 real good friends ;-)

  5. jane: i guess we both agree quality over quantity! ; ) xx



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