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I had my brief winter holiday in Istanbul with 49 other visitors including my parents. Thought it would be just windy but oh my, I forgot how cold it could be. Freezing but thank goodness no rain was brought upon us to spoil our days there. We explored the city of Istanbul for a week and I fell in love with the city on my very first day. Honest. 

It is so beautiful. Of course, like any tourist's itinerary, I went to visit all the must-sees and I do believe they are all a must! The mosques and the view especially. So detailed in their architecture and just a lot of history. I loved it! 

I got to see the stick of Prophet Moses and the beard of Prophet Muhammad. On my last day, we went the see a ceremony called Whirling Dervishes. If you have no idea what it is, here's a pic!

image: trekearth

Indescribable. I love Istanbul so much I asked from our professional tourist guide about work visa. Yes! No kid.  

I'm not going to drag you any further. I let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy the photos, Devotees! Do share with me your experiences if you have been here.

( in no particular order)

p/s: Any other places I must explore? 

*Please email me first before using any of my photos

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  1. Millieeee bestnya bestnya! I mmg sgt sgt sgt nk pg Istanbul lately ni sbb the place looks so damn nice! Gambar2 u lg laaa buat I teruja nk pi. Sigh.

  2. go la yg! join group tour if u want but if u want to be more adventurous. stay hostel, travel using public transport there sume kn. n go during summer! so u can enjoy more!



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