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Hello dearies, hope you guys have been reading previous posts regarding a break from Devotee, due to my finals. Other then exams and a vacation with family, I've been busy sorting out my room. It's been 3 years since I've actually really make my room mine. Since I'm officially back for good, it feels appropriate to start new and fresh...and what a better colour to signify that than yellow. To be exact, mustard. 

I also had to take out stuff I don't need, stuff I want to give away and stuff I want to keep which actually took longer that the painting process. Photos down below, enjoy!

Walls are still bare because there are so many photos that I haven't had the chance to print them out yet.


My previous pink and black walls were painted by my cousin, who passed away years ago. It took me a whole year to decide on painting them again because I feel like if I do I'm going to forget that particular memory. So instead, I framed a picture of him and I as a dedication. 

Pictures are great, aren't they? They show you who you are and where you come from and remind you the good times when your memories are beginning to slip away.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post and talk to you soon Devotees.

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  1. Love the colour!
    Love the new arrangements.
    Cant wait to crash.

    Love the pictures.
    Love the pictures in the pictures.
    WHen was our pic from?

    Love how you keep the memories of him alive.
    And thats a really sweet pic of you two.

  2. Hey Millie,

    I'm loving the new wall colour and arrangement of things in your room! The pictures add a more gorgeous touch to your room =) We should meet up soon neighbour ;)

  3. hey dear! thanks!! yes of course! hit me on fb wen ure back or jz text meh! =)

  4. LIKE! cantikla la bilik you, honestly, i never thought yellow could ever look this good. i selalu tengok orang yang buat kuning mesti macam tacky gila haha. i've been meaning to revamp my room too tapi aduhai, banyaknya kerja nak buat. especially the sorting out part, i know what you mean. and my mom tak bg i tampal2 kat dinding, sedih je. thanks millie for sharing. boleh dijadikan panduan :D

  5. awww thank u! eek happy. hahahah. i was going tru a book and saw the colour n trus wana paint dat colour. rasa cm tukar pape furniture pun can go with it and still nmpk cool. haha. no problem yg! happy to share!



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