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Yes, I know. Talk about promising to update you dear devotees on my placement issues. Well, truth be told I hardly had any time to blog about it. Lucky you, I managed to squeeze some time to do it. So, here's the lowdown. After countless of rejections, I went back home to Kuala Lumpur, trying to... well get over the fact that I wasn't their choice. But, I thought why not scout for some 3 months internship here? Surprise. The university won't approve any internships that are 6 months less. But what the heck. 

I sent my CV to Harpers Bazaar magazine, went for the interview and got the green light by the afternoon. Finally, someone wants me! (clearly you can tell how happy I am that my ever growing sense of desperation is over) 

My post: Fashion intern

My role: write snippets, key in articles, loan clothes, manage product shoots, email fashion companies requesting prices and others.

Sounds exciting? Yeah it is, at first. But it gets to a routine and because I was only there for a short period of time, I didn't get a chance to do any other stuff that I might be good at. Not that I'm complaining, I had a chance to do so many awesome things and meet great people from fashion retailers and the industry . Go through my pictures below!

There's Leong, the photographer. This was a product shoot at the studio. I do this once or twice a week.
Can you imagine all the clothes I had to carry from the stores and fashion offices? Crazy.
I never thought this is how they shot clothes that you see in the magazines. It seems complicated but to hell easy. Get a heavy box and have a plank lean on it.

This was the view from my balcony at Port Dickson, a holiday destination here in Malaysia. They drove us here for an editorial shoot with the celebrities for the Pink Project (Breast Cancer Awareness) !
Spoiled. We got to stay here in these cute little chalets.
 One of the locations we shot for the editorial spread!

The clothes for the shoot. No, there were more trust me. It's just not in the picture. We spent the whole night coordinating the clothes to the appropriate person. Discussing which looks best, hair and make up with the fashion stylist, Kenneth Goh.
I mainly took this shot because I love Nicole Richie and House of Harlow. LOVE
The celebrities in their pink dresses. From L to R (Asha Gill, Bernie Chan, Deborah Henry, Stephanie Chai and Jojo Struys)
 The fellow interns that I will miss dearly!

The Bazaar team! It was my last day and unfortunately none of the editors were there. 

All in all, I love the internship and have learned a lot. One of them is..... publishing is not for me? That being said,I'm still going to miss going into fashion offices, picking out clothes for the issue and getting to see next season's collections beforehand. Oh well..... hope you have enjoyed this post, devotees! This has to be the longest post I've written, right? Good job Millie! 

p/s: I still haven't got my letter of recommendation. Why?!

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  1. why anonymous peeps! yup..typo. fixed! thanks!

  2. omg! it must be fun right? lucky you, Millie :)

    p/s: i hope you dont mind sharing, how do you change the blogger 'B' sign to 'D' on the window tab? do answer :x

  3. haha it was. just google Favicon / Favicon generator. and just click on the links and follow the instructions. hope this helps! x



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