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I was thrilled when my dad told us that we are not going back to Kemaman for first day of Eid. When I was little, we take turns going back to Kemaman and Kedah. After my mom's grandma moved to KL, we just went back for Eid at Kemaman.

This year is my first Eid ever in KL. Not that I do not enjoy going back to Kemaman, but it has become such a routine and I have never experienced Eid in KL anyway. I must say that I love it! 

Instead of us going around from one house to another, people came to ours. It was a nice change to be the host instead.

And oh my, did I have a lot of weddings to attend. It was great fun attending celebrations but yeah, I gained 2 kilos. 

It is always nice to see friends embarking to another stage of their relationship, making it official and all but yet it is so depressing because I feel as though I am way far behind. Getting there has always been one of my goals in life and I shall pray for it. ( hey, I am a tiny bit traditional )

We have less than two weeks now to celebrate Eid and I have not been to many open houses though. Send me an invite?  *wink


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