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My mind have been swamped with a lot of negativity regarding my future specifically about my family and work. Then, I stumbled upon Hailee Steinfeld's music video for Love Myself today. I knew she was going into the music scene, I knew she was good at singing but I didn't know she really does have the whole package.

I mean first of all, the fashion in this music video is soooo on point! Love love love every outfit picked out for this and damn girl, you got some swag!

Fashion aside, this song really picked me up. I mean it's not my type of music I generally listen too, but when you are feeling so effing confused and playing Sigur Ros on repeat has bored you to death after years. A dance it all out song is just what I need.

Some people can carry confidence so well. I guess I should not doubt myself too much, I should be grateful with what I am able to bring to the table, love myself and not let negative words get to me.

So enjoy this new talent and love yourself!

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