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When I gave up my room to my brother who got married, (therefore gets the bigger room) I was left with a blue room, literally. Blue walls, blue furniture. When we head on over to the store to get my new bed, I actually forgot to get the most important furniture in every girls room. The dressing table.

Honestly, I could not be bothered to go to the store again, wait for the delivery and basically postponing my official night in my new room.

So I took my sister's side table, took my brother's hand me down mirror and wallah! My new super tiny dressing table.

I used colourful jars to put my brushes, an organiser to store my essential make up items and two huge baskets to store my skincare products.

For the rest of my make up, simply in a make up bag organiser.

It is definitely not the most fancy way of organising your dressing table. But it is a side table, and the space is really small. So the tip is to not categorised your items too much. Keep it general and store it in one space. If not, you are going to end up with lots of little jars here and there with no additional space for you to actually do your thing in the morning.

My colourful jars were a gift from my best friend, the plastic organiser bought from Daiso and the rose gold and gold basket were bought from H&M Home.

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