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I am writing this post to you exactly 5 minutes after I have watched this movie, Cake. It moved me that much to have to write about it now although this post is so 2000 and late. 

Firstly, I have no idea why it had gotten low reviews. Jennifer Aniston truly made this role her best one yet.

I find the movie to be so dark,  deep and sad yet at the same time funny thanks to her "raging bitch" personality in the movie. 

**spoiler alert**

Cake is by the way a movie about how Claire, who is dealing with a chronic pain disease explores life and death through the discovery of Nina's (fellow chronic group member) suicide. 

What I've learned from watching this movie is that the person in your life you thought to be insignificant (no family ties etc,) plays the biggest role in your everyday life. Without them, you can't function.

Faith is everything. When you depend and attached your whole heart to one person and nothing else, and when it is taken away from you, you have nothing left. Absolutely nothing. Faith is important. It makes you accept the present and focus on the future and hereafter. 

Everyone goes through it. And it can change you as a person. If it changes you for the worse, it can push people you love the most away. 

Keeping feelings inside or brushing them off is unhealthy. I too need to learn from this because I like to bottle up my feelings and next thing you know, when someone pushes my buttons, I go to an emotional craze and that is a side of me I hate to admit I have in me.

This film reminds me that no matter how bad your life can be, you need to have the will to live to actually function normally. You need to keep doing what you have been doing all along. Recovering is hard, grieving the loss of someone is probably a never ending phase, but it is important to accept whatever is brought upon us and have faith that what lies ahead is better.

My favourite scene is definitely the one where her ex hung up the picture of their son in the living room and she sobbed. (gaaahhh! tissue please!)

It's difficult for me to express everything into this post, but do watch it if you have not. It is beautiful.

" What's stopping you? You don't believe in God..heaven or hell. You don't believe in anything...just do it "

" Stop that..get away from me! Stop it! "

p/s: Love this version of the song in their OST

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