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We were never as human as we are in this moment. Never did we let ourselves be driven by this overwhelming desire, immersing ourselves completely in one another. Not thinking about what will happen tomorrow, but absorbing pleasure in its purest and more genuine form, intoxicated by the delirium that consumes us.

But that "tomorrow" always arrives. And for some strange reason you find yourself even emptier than you were before. Even more confused, even more fearful.

Suddenly you don't know what you feel or why you feel it. With every passing day you become a little more broken, a little more swaddled in your eternal doubts that remain unanswered. You start to lose the sense of reality, and secretly you wonder it you are losing your head with it.

So you grasp on to the emotions of that moment of fervent passion as if they were the only ones you ever felt; the dominate you completely and entirely. You have ceased to be the master of your feelings. This realization, shocks you, it anguishes you. Go away, before the damage you make to your soul becomes irreparable.

- Soraya Luna

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