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Twenty but still taking one baby step at a time. I'm halfway through university and time sure has gone by quickly but now it's that time of the year where you feel stuck not knowing which path to go to, for me that is. I've enrolled myself to a 4 year sandwich course, to those who are not sure by what this means, basically during my 3rd year, I'll be working hard on my placement or internship. 

Since last November, I've been applying to thousands (exaggerating much) of placement ads that was given through uni's placement office as well as sourcing my own placement. I want to get a placement so bad but the process wasn't as easy as applying for it. Over the past few months, checking my emails everyday took a lil life out of me each time. Yes, I'm all 'My Chemical Romance' about this. 

You just got an email from xxx:
Sorry but you have not been successful.

Rejections. Breaks my heart. Feeling like I'm moving backwards more than I'm moving forward. I gave up, well almost. I couldn't care less about applying anymore with more uni work piling up, I was stressed  out of my mind. However, there was one email I have not receive any feedback on. To my surprise :

Boo-yah. I honestly jumped up and down on my bed while delivering the good news to my boyfriend. To cut this blog post short, I went to Cardiff for the interview. It was just 4 of us, 3 of my classmates and I. One of them actually have worked with this company for 5 years. Go figure? The interview went blah, . Thinking back, I didn't do my best preparation for it either.

Thank god for my boyfie. He cheered me up, bringing me everywhere in Cardiff, taking my mind off the horrible morning I went through. Until now, I have not received any calls or emails from them, must face the fact I've been once again rejected. But, mami and papa told me to keep on applying and because I love them so truly much, I've been consistently applying for placements again.

Now all I have to do is wait.....................

Here are some pictures of my boyfie and I from the interview trip, hopefully it will put a smile on your face after reading this horrid gloomy post of mine.


Will keep in touch with you very soon, devotees. Thanks for sticking around with me.

p/s : If you want to use any images from my blog, please ask for permission first before doing anything with it.xx

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  1. oh cheer up dear, things will be better. there's always a good reason behind everything no?

    thank you ever so much. you made my day!


  2. yes true. being optimistic from now on. thanks sweetie.

    aww..im glad i made ur day! i love ur blog btw.very inspirational. ur name? hope we will keep in touch!


  3. Millie! Don't give up! Keep trying la.

    Btw, nice pictures. I didn't know Cardiff has such places.
    Hee can't wait for your next post:)

  4. haha I am! still am! will update soon on if I get one or not.but if I don't, I'm happy still!

    Thanks. yea, I thought it be boring there.hahaha.suprise suprise. aww..thanks! check back often.=)

  5. Millie, I'm so sorry we didn't meet up again. Your pictures of Cardiff is lovely, especially the flowers. I really hope you had a good time!
    Take care!

  6. its alrite sweetie. yes i do love cardiff! specially shopping! hahaha.u guys hv bigger shops actually.but it was freezing! ahha.hope to c u soon! x



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