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I ordered Eat Smart through Kinokuniya since it was first launched in the UK, and only a few months back, I was informed that apparently Kino is not going to stock it. Boo.

Anyway, I managed to find one of her recipes, roasted pepper and onion pesto tart. Thought I might give it a go, and if it all goes well, then I will for sure get the book on my next trip to UK. 

I did not have a few of the ingredients needed for it, so I had to wing it and use substitutions. Only after prepping, I realised I also did not have the right pan size, it was way smaller than required. Because I did not want to waste the rest of the ingredients, I pour everything into the pan and bake as instructed.

It was delicious! I love the combination of crisp sweet potato crust, with the creamy pesto and the roasted toppings. Mmm..yum! The only thing of course, is because it was a smaller pan, the crust was super thick. But that was my fault obviously. Two slices of the tart is honestly enough. It was really filling. The good news: delicious supply for the whole week!

Would you recommend Eat Smart?


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