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Everyone keeps talking about juicing. For someone who doesn't drink fruit juices in general, I could not be bothered. But then I started to hear bout juice cleanse. And that flickered an interest to start my research on juice cleansing.

After several sites, hearing reviews from my friends who have tried juice cleansing, I decided why not?

Now, even the cheapest package for juice cleanse is still quite hefty. So only decide on juice cleanse if you are willing to stick to it til the end! 

Because I'm not a juice kind of gal, I wanted to try the 1 DAY CLEANSE, just to see if I could actually do more than a day cleanse.

It was an easy process of ordering and I was excited.

What I received for RM99:

CCP Juice
Orange Power
Beet Aid 
Chocolate Almond Mylk
Tropical Green
Goodness Green
3 Chlorophyll Water
Cashew Nuts ( masuk angin...*cries)

You basically need to drink a lots of water and I have to say I'm quite proud of myself  for finishing them all. I actually think all the juices taste quite alright but Beet Aid oh Beet Aid...was the hardest!  

I literally drank that juice in 2 gulps and ate a chunk of banana to cover the taste. I didn't expect cleansing juices to taste fantastic obviously, but thats definitely my least favourite. 

Funny enough, Chlorophyll Water is my favourite after Chocolate Almond Mylk. Somehow it tasted like diluted seaweed water.

Lunchtime was the hardest because I got really really hungry. Time passed by so slowly. Thank god for those cashews. 

But after 2pm, I didn't feel that hungry and waiting for that Chocolate Almond Mylk for dessert kept me motivated!

Of course, there wasn't so much difference as I only did 1 day cleanse, but I did feel lighter the next day.

Maybe this month, I will try a 2 day cleanse and progress to 4 day cleanse the next month. We shall see and I shall update you lovelies.


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