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Good things come in threes

Devotees, it's been ages and I finally have a bit of time to upload these and sell them off. I made these when I was back for christmas 
but I had such a short time to sell it back home. So here you go! These were made in Malaysia, so no effect on the price. This time, there's a shipping fee. Sorry guys, it will just cost a bit. Again, these are one-of-a-kind, the design will not be repeated. ALL PRODUCTS ARE HAND PAINTED FREEHAND BY MOI.

Safari: GBP 7.5 Size : 8

Circus vest :SOLD

Fantasy vest: GBP 7.5 Size : 8

Shipping fee within the UK via royalmail 1st cls : GBP 3
Shipping fee to Malaysia : GBP 6
Other countries, please email me.
Payment in Malaysian Ringgit is welcomed.

p/s : To those of you who are size 10 and above, do not hesitate to email me about my stuff. I can cater to your sizes.

Refer this post under DEVOTEE UK EDITION

You know where to find me,
millie devotee


  1. woah i like the 1st one! sunset tu cantik sgt!

  2. thanks! dats my fav too.hehe

  3. omg! you did it again millie!
    chantek sgt!!
    Ai support you sgt2!

  4. millie, if convert to ringgit- how much r each top? then if convert the shipping fee too, how much will it costs?

  5. aira : thanks aira!!! eeee happy ye i.hehe.thank u!! it means a lot ok! i pna dpt org buat muke pelik bile i kate handmade.oh well..lucky to hv ppl like u!

    hanim banim : well anta pegi malaysia n the vest in total is 13.5 british pound.on the left hand side of my blog...bwh skali ade currency converter..just fill in the blanks!! from BRITISH POUND to MALAYSIAN RINGGIT! = )

  6. millie, fantasy vest still available kee?

  7. roo,millie here.yes its still available.if u want, pls confirm by emailing me at mail. tq!



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